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DeBN Program Overview

What is DeBN?

DEBTOR ELECTRONIC BANKRUPTCY NOTICING (DeBN) is a FREE and voluntary service that allows debtors to request delivery of court notices and orders from the bankruptcy court, through the BNC, via email instead of U.S. mail.

How Does It Work?

Once the debtor files a DeBN request form and the clerk’s office creates the DeBN account, all future court notices or orders will be emailed to the debtor.

When the court files a notice or order and sends it to the BNC for service upon the debtor, the BNC will email the notice to the debtor at the end of the day. The court notice or order will be emailed as a single PDF attachment, and a separate email will be sent for each court notice or order that has been filed.

There is no limit to the number of times the debtor may view the PDF attachment, and the debtor is free to print the attach­ment, save it to his or her computer, or simply retain the email for viewing at any time.

If the PDF attachment exceeds 8 MB, the notice will be sent to the debtor by U.S. mail instead of email.

Who is the BNC?

The BANKRUPTCY NOTICING CENTER (BNC) provides services to the bankruptcy court by sending court notices and orders to the parties by either mail or email.

What are Court Notices and Orders?

Court notices and orders refer to documents filed by the bankruptcy court, which may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Notice of Meeting of Creditors
  • Deficiency Notice
  • Order Discharging Debtor
  • Order for Payment of Filing Fee in Installments
  • Order of Dismissal

Who Will Serve Me via Email?

By enrolling in DeBN, a debtor consents ONLY to service of court notices and orders filed by the bankruptcy court.  The BNC, on the bankruptcy court's behalf, will prepare and send the emails.  NO OTHER PARTIES, SUCH AS CREDITORS AND TRUSTEES, ARE ALLOWED TO USE THE DEBN PROGRAM TO EMAIL DEBTORS.  All other parties will continue to serve documents upon the debtor via U.S. Mail.

Debtors should add the following email addresses to their contacts/safe sender list: