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DeBN (Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing)

The Bankruptcy Court for the District of Utah is pleased to announce “Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (DeBN).”  This is a FREE and voluntary service that allows debtors to request delivery of court notices and orders from the bankruptcy court, through the BNC (Bankruptcy Noticing Center), via email instead of U.S. mail.

NOTE:  Only notices and orders authorized to be sent by the BNC are sent to the debtor through the DeBN program (i.e. First Meeting of Creditors Notice, Order of Discharge, Orders entered by the Court).  Debtors do NOT receive CM/ECF email similar to attorneys.  All other parties, such as trustees and creditors, will continue to serve the debtor via U.S. mail or in person as required by court rules.

DeBN offers the following advantages for debtors:

  • Faster - Notices are received the same day they are filed by the court.
  • Convenient - Access to notices anywhere the Internet is available.
  • No more lost paperwork - Storing notices on a computer or electronic device means never losing a paper copy
  • Less paper clutter - Helps the environment and reduces paper clutter around the house
  • It's FREE!

Pursuant to Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9036, a party may make a written request for delivery of notices via email, instead of U.S. mail.  Through the DeBN program, only notices and orders that have been filed by the court can be emailed to the debtor.  Debtors requesting participation in the DeBN program must complete and file a Debtor’s Electronic Noticing Request (DeBN) form with the court where their case is filed.