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Local Rules Amendment Process

Proposals for amendments to the Local Rules may be sent directly to any member of the Local Rules Advisory Committee. In addition, any person or organization may propose amendments to the Local Rules by submitting them to the Committee via email to

Form of Submission

While no specific form or format is required to submit a proposed amendment or comment, to assist in describing and supporting the proposal, please include the following information:

  • Name, organization, and email address (unless being submitted anonymously)
  • If the proposal relates to an existing Local Rule, identification of the Local Rule number
  • Type or attach the proposal, including any grounds for the amendment


The typical annual timeline for the Local Rules amendment cycle is below:

  • June 1 – Deadline to submit new proposals for consideration by the Committee. Proposals submitted after June 1 will be considered in the next amendment cycle.
  • October – The Bankruptcy Court provides notice of: (1) the proposed amendments, (2) a comment period (typically 30 days) as determined by the Bankruptcy Court, and (3) the effective date of the amendments if approved.
  • December –  Approved amendments become effective.

The Local Rules Committee will review all timely submitted proposals for rejection, deferral, or recommendation to the Bankruptcy Court Judges for consideration. The Bankruptcy Court Judges will decide whether to approve the proposed amendments for circulation to the District Court, the Bar, and the public for comment.

The Local Rules of Practice will (i) be subject to approval, ratification, or modification by the District Court; and (ii) upon such approval, ratification or modification, will be promulgated and applied uniformly by each of the bankruptcy court judges in this district. See DUCivR 83-7.6.