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DeBN Enrollment

How Does a Debtor(s) Enroll in DeBN?

Follow these steps to enroll in the DeBN program:

  1. Complete the "Debtor's Electronic Noticing Request (DeBN)" form
  2. File the completed form with the court
  3. Watch for a confirmation email from one of the following addresses confirming enrollment in the DeBN program

Activation of your account is now complete!  From this point forward, all future notices and orders filed by the court will be delivered to you via email, as long as your name and address in the bankruptcy case match your name and address in your DeBN account and there are no email transmission failures.

NOTE:  It is strongly suggested that the Debtor(s) enroll in DeBN at the commencement of the bankruptcy case.  CM/ECF Filing Users should use the CM/ECF event titled “Debtor Electronic Noticing Request” in the “Debtor Events” category to file the completed form.

How Long Will My DeBN Account Remain Active?

A DeBN account remains active, unless:

  1. Debtor’s account is automatically disabled due to an email transmission failure (email bounce-back); or
  2. Debtor files a request to deactivate the account. A debtor may file this request at any time.

As long as the debtor’s DeBN account is active, all court notices and orders will be emailed to the debtor by the BNC in any current or future bankruptcy or adversary case from any bank­ruptcy court district in which the debtor’s name and address in that case match the name and address in the debtor’s DeBN account, including cases where the debtor may be listed as a creditor.

How Do I Update My Email Information?

Debtor(s) should complete the "Update My Account Information" section of the "Debtor(s) Electronic Noticing Request (DeBN)" form IF:

  • There is a change to the debtor's email address
  • The debtors file a new bankruptcy case and already have a DeBN account but would like the court to review their account information to ensure that the name(s) and address(es) in my/our account match the new case.
  • The debtors are requesting reactivation of their DeBN accounts