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  • How will CM/ECF handle the filing of bulk routine motions or other actions in multiple cases?

    CM/ECF has a batch filing feature. After selecting an event code, the user will be able to enter multiple case numbers and file the entry in each case. However, all cases must share the same data inputted during the transaction.

  • Can corrections be made if a document is improperly docketed?

    ECF users who incorrectly file a document with the Court, will need to correct the entry by filing an event such as a, "Withdrawal of Document." The withdrawal entry would indicate which document was being withdrawn by referencing the previously-filed document. If an ECF user needs to make a simple correction on a previously-filed document, an amended document should be filed. For quality assurance purposes, the clerk's office may also correct entries for clarification of the docket sheet and case data.

  • How many users can submit documents at once?

    An unlimited number of Filing Users can docket simultaneously in the same case.

  • How many users can view an image at once?

    All users can view cases information in the same case simultaneously.

  • Is there a limit to the size of documents filed?

    Yes. CM/ECF has a file limitation enforced through the ECF software. A PDF document should be no more than 35 MB file size. Users who scan documents should be aware that scanned documents can cause the file size to increase and it may exceed the 35 MB file size.

  • How are sealed records handled?

    A motion and order to file documents under seal may be filed electronically. After the order approving the sealing of a document, the e-filer will go to the Bankruptcy Menu; then the Debtor Events category, then use the event “Sealed Document”. By using this event, the document is automatically sealed upon filing.

  • How will docket entries be identified (as to the creator of the entry)?

    The Filing User who created the docket entry is identified by the name inside of the brackets ( ) and the end of the docket entry. Court employees are identified by initials (aaa) and external users are identified by complete names (John Doe).