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Teleconference Information

Court Hearing Participation

In order to reduce the possibility of exposure to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), in person appearances by parties and their attorneys in the courtrooms maintained by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Utah are temporarily suspended. All hearings will be conducted by telephone conferencing. The information needed by parties and their attorneys in order to appear and participate in telephonic hearings before the Court is set forth in this notice. Below is the information for each bankruptcy judge:

Cases before
Chief Judge Marker

Dial: (636) 651-3182

followed by
for the access code.

Cases before
Judge Anderson

Dial: (636) 651-3182

followed by
for the access code.

Cases before
Judge Hunt

Dial: (636) 651-3182

followed by 
for the access code.

Cases before
Judge Thurman

Dial: (636) 651-3182

followed by
for the access code.


To participate in the telephone hearing, dial the Call-in Number and enter the seven digit Access Code followed by the “#” key. You may be placed on hold until the courtroom deputy activates the conference call, or you may hear others speaking. Another hearing may be in progress; do not announce your presence until the courtroom deputy takes roll call or your hearing is called.

If you have problems connecting or the courtroom deputy does not activate the call within 5 minutes after your scheduled hearing time, hang up and call the court at: 801-524-6627.



  1. The Procedure

    • The Court will not call you.
    • Ten minutes before your hearing time, you must call in on the applicable hearing line.
  2. Minimize Outside Noise and Distractions

    • Telephone hearings are amplified throughout the courtroom so you may be asked to call again if your connection is weak, creates static or a disruptive noise.
    • Minimize background noise by not using a “speaker” option. Do not use a keyboard or talk with others in the room.
    • Mute your phone when you are not speaking. If you do not have a mute function on your phone, press *6 to mute and *6 again to unmute to speak.
    • Do not put the court on hold.
    • If available, set the phone to "Do Not Disturb" so it will not ring during the hearing
  3. What to Do When You Are on the Conference Line

    • Do not announce your presence until the court calls your case.
    • Stay on the line, even if there is only silence, until the judge starts the hearing, and then continue to listen quietly until your case is called.
  4. What to Do When your Case is Called

    • The Court will control who will speak and how the hearing will be held. If there are more than three parties appearing at a hearing, the court may take a roll call rather than asking for appearances of parties.
    • Unless otherwise directed by the Court, when your case is called and to avoid multiple parties speaking at the same time, the moving party should speak first. For Chapter 13 Confirmation hearings, the Chapter 13 Trustee will be deemed the moving party.
    • Identify yourself every time you speak.
    • When your hearing is completed, please drop off the call.
  5. Don’t be Late to a Hearing

    • If you are late, then the Court, at its discretion, may call your hearing at the end of the calendar and/or deny or grant the applicable motion.
  6. Civility

    • Be civil on the phone with the Court and other parties.
    • Do not interrupt others.
    • Do not yell into the phone.