Scheduling Hearings

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There are three options to schedule a hearing with the Bankruptcy Court:

1. Presets: Filing Users can view available hearing dates by clicking “Reports”, then selecting “Chamber Presets.”  The “Chamber Presets” report shows available hearing dates and is separated by Judge and by type of matter.  The presets are only to be used for short hearings on chapter 7 and chapter 13 matters. Presets cannot be used to obtain hearings for chapter 9s, 11s, or 12s; adversary proceedings; and longer or evidentiary hearings.

2. Online: A hearing may be requested by filling out the form on the Court’s website under Case Information - Schedule a Hearing.  The form should be filled out completely.  The requesting party will be called if there are any questions or problems.  A hearing will be scheduled and the requestor will be notified of the date via email.

3. Telephone:  Call the scheduling line at (801)524-6627 to schedule a hearing.