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Northern 341 Meeting Telephonic Information

In an effort to contain the spread of Covid-19, until further notice, all Chapter 7, 11 and 12 meetings of creditors will be conducted by telephone. Debtors, attorneys, creditors, and others CANNOT APPEAR IN PERSON.

To participate in the meeting of creditors scheduled in this case, 10 minutes before the scheduled time, call the toll-free number listed in the 341 notice and use the participant code. Do not call any earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled meeting of creditors

Northern Region (Ogden)
  • You must use a touch-tone phone.
  • Dial the call-in number and then enter the passcode, which consists of 7 numbers and is followed by a # sign.
  • Use a landline phone and not a cell phone, if possible.
  • Do not use the speaker phone function.
  • Make the call from a quiet area where there is as little background noise as possible.
  • Mute your phone and do not speak until the bankruptcy trustee calls your case. (Other meetings of creditors will likely be in session when you call in. You will still be able to hear the trustee even when your phone is muted.)
  • Unmute your phone when the trustee calls your case so that the trustee can hear you.
  • Wait until the trustee calls your case before speaking because more than one case will be waiting on the conference line at any given time.
  • When speaking, identify yourself.
  • Do not put the phone on hold at any time after the call is connected.
  • If more than one person is attending the meeting of creditors from the same location, each person should use separate touch-tone phones, if possible.
  • Once your meeting of creditors is finished, hang up.
  • If you become disconnected before your meeting of creditors is finished, call back.
  • If you are calling in from another country, please see the additional information available at:

Dial-in Instructions:


Dial Toll-Free Number:


Participant Passcode: