Methods to Fix an E-filing Mistake

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From time to time an efiler makes an error such as attaching the incorrect image to an entry, or using an incorrect event when docketing something in a case. These errors are (hopefully) captured during the Clerk's office's  Quality Control procedure, and the efiler is usually notified of whatever issue has been discovered.

There are various methods to "right the wrong", but withdrawing the pleading may not necessarily be the optimal correction. You must be aware of withdrawing pleadings, especially if they happen to be time-sensitive. If you withdraw and refile the following day, you may have(?) created a situation where your time-sensitive pleading can be considered "late".

Withdrawing a pleading when the error is in the event that was used is unnecessary. The QC clerk can always adjust the entry, and oftentimes does, to match the image/pleading that was submitted. If the error is in the pleading/image file, then withdrawing may be appropriate. Do not hesitate to contact the Clerk's office concerning errors while docketing. Solutions to the error(s) may be less confusing than to simply withdraw the pleading. Also recall that the Clerk's office has an online chat service on our website and within CM/ECF where you can communicate with a deputy clerk instantaneously.