Local Rule 3007-1 Objections to Claims (2014)

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(a) Notice of Objection to Claim. A party objecting to a claim must provide notice of the objection and of the hearing on the objection to the claimant in accordance with Local Rule 9013-1(d), Fed. R. Bankr. P. 3007, and Official Form 20B. A notice required by this rule may include a statement that the objection may be granted without a hearing unless a response is timely filed.

(b) Response to Objection to Claim. A response to an objection to a claim must be filed and served within the time period fixed by Local Rule 9006-1(b)(3). The objecting party may file a reply to the response within the time period fixed by Local Rule 9006-1(c). The court will conduct an evidentiary hearing if a response is timely filed. If a response is not timely filed, the court may sustain the objection without a hearing pursuant to Local Rule 9013-1(e). It is the responsibility of the objecting party to request a hearing and serve notice thereof on the holder of the claim, on any party responding to the objection, and on the attorneys for these parties.