Local Rule 2081-1 Chapter 11 - General (2014)

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(a) Initial Financial Reports and Other Documents. Not later than 21 days after filing a chapter 11 petition, non-small business debtors must provide the United States trustee with an initial financial report in the form approved by the United States trustee, and not later than 7 days after filing a chapter 11 petition, all chapter 11 debtors shall provide evidence of any permits, licenses of operations, and any policies of insurance maintained by the debtor, unless the court orders otherwise.

(b) Monthly Financial Reports. Not later than 14 days after the end of each month the debtor in possession or trustee must file with the court a monthly financial report in the form approved by the United States trustee and serve a copy upon the United States trustee. The duty to file these reports terminates upon confirmation of a plan, or upon conversion or dismissal of the case.

(c) Post-Confirmation Summary Report. Unless the court orders otherwise, a reorganized debtor or other entity responsible for consummation of a plan must file a one-time summary report within 90 days after entry of a confirmation order which must include the following:

(1) the dollar amounts of administrative expenses for fees for the attorney for the debtor, attorney for the trustee, the trustee, other professionals, and out-of-pocket expenses;

(2) the dollar amounts of priority, secured, and unsecured claims;

(3) the dollar amounts of plan payments to priority, secured, and unsecured creditors;

(4) the percentage dividend being paid to unsecured creditors without priority;


(5) the estimated date that a final decree will be entered. Failure to comply with this subsection constitutes grounds for dismissal of the case.