Local Rule 1073-1 Assignment of Cases (2014)

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The assignment of cases to the judges of the court is the responsibility of the Chief Judge of the court and will, unless otherwise modified, proceed as follows:

(a) Random Selection Case Assignment System. Case assignments are made on a nonpublic rotating calendar established and monitored by the clerk, with the following exceptions: (1) cases filed in certain geographic areas may be assigned to the judge(s) assigned to that area, and (2) a blind draw will occur in all chapter 11 cases, involuntary cases, and in chapter 7 cases with 100 creditors or more.

(b) Judicial Recusal or Disqualification. If a judicial recusal or disqualification occurs, another judge will be assigned to the case by random selection. If all judges recuse themselves or are disqualified, the Chief Judge will request the Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit to assign a bankruptcy judge from another district to the case.

(c) Unavailability of Assigned Judge. A party may request relief from any judge of the court if the assigned judge is unavailable.