Debtor-Defendant Representation

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Local Rule 2091-1 Debtors Attorneys—Scope of Representation subsection (a) states: 

(a) Scope of Representation. A debtor's attorney must represent the debtor in all aspects of the case, including the meeting of creditors, motions filed against the debtor, and post-confirmation matters. The debtor’s attorney must also represent the debtor in adversary proceedings filed against the debtor unless, pursuant to this rule, the Court has excused the attorney from this requirement. The scope of representation cannot be modified by agreement.[emphasis added] The court may deny fees or otherwise discipline an attorney for violation of this rule.

CM/ECF has been modified to accommodate this local rule.   The option to add an attorney for a defendant in an adversary proceeding is now available during the opening of the adversary proceeding.  If the debtor is the defendant and is represented by counsel in the related bankruptcy case, Filing Users  should click “Attorney”  to add debtor’s counsel from the bankruptcy case:

NOTE:  Subsection (b) of Local Rule 2091-1 outlines the procedure debtor attorneys must follow to be relieved from the duty to represent debtors in adversary proceedings.