CM/ECF Search Menu

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Many times a Filing User has prepared their document for filing, but doesn’t know what menu or category to choose, or what docket event to select.  Filing Users have an option on the blue menu bar at the top of the ECF window titled “Search.”  The “Search” feature is located between “Utilities” and “Logout” on the menu bar. (Figure 1)                              

The Search option is a very valuable tool for not only directing a Filing User to the category, but also shows the titles or “events”, available with that language. Clicking “Search” opens a window that allows the Filing User to enter a keyword (Figure 1).  After entering the term to be searched, a Filing User would then click on the magnifying glass icon or press Enter.  All events with that language will appear as hyperlinks, along with the menus and categories they can be found under. (Figure 2)  Clicking the desired docket event will begin the filing process.


(Fig. 1)

(Fig.2 )