CM/ECF Filing Agents

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Some trustees and attorneys require multiple paralegals/staff members to docket simultaneously in order to complete necessary filings. Previously, there was no way to link multiple accounts to the same trustee or attorney.  As a result the court had to create separate (X) accounts to allow staff to file on behalf of the trustee/attorney.

Now, a new user type is available called ‘Filing Agent’.  A trustee or attorney may link several ‘Filing Agents’ to their user account so that when the agent files on behalf of the trustee/attorney, the docket text shows the trustee’s/attorney’s name as the filer.

Filing Agents -

· Can docket on behalf of the trustee/attorney

· Will not appear on the pick list for docketing (only the trustee or attorney name will show)

· Name will not show on the docket text. (the trustee or attorney name will show as the filer)

· Assume the rights and privileges assigned to the trustee or attorney’s user account

· Will not receive email on their own. The Filing Agent’s email address must be designated through the trustee or attorney’s account in Maintain Your ECF Account: ‘Secondary Email Address’ and by checking ‘Send the notices to the secondary addresses’

· Can docket  restricted (SSN Verification Page, Writs) and sealed documents but cannot view them after docketing  (the attorney/trustee main account must be used)


Contact the Bankruptcy Court’s training department at 801-524-6575 or email them at for instructions on how to set up filing agents.