CM/ECF Email Notifications

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CM/ECF Attorney Filing Users  receive email notification of items filed in cases that they have entered an appearance or represent the debtor.  Filing Users have the option to receive 1 daily summary email listing items filed in all of their cases OR they can opt to  receive instantaneous notice when action occurs in their case(s).  A hyperlink to the document filed and a hyperlink the case docket is contained within these emails.  Filing Users may click the document number hyperlink and receive a “free look” at the document filed.  They may print or save the document, however, filing users will be prompted to pay a PACER (Public Access to Electronic Court Records) fee of .10 cents a page for any subsequent viewings of the same document.  This “free look”  is only for the first time the document is viewed AND is only available for 14 days after receipt of the email.  After 14 days the document remains available, however, filing users will incur a PACER charge to view the document.