Application for Individuals to Pay Filing Fee In Installments

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When filing a new Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, the debtor may apply to pay the Voluntary Petition filing fee in installments.  For this application to be considered, the appropriate box must be checked on the Voluntary Petition, “Installment” must be selected as the "Fee Status", the initial payment amount must $100 or more, and an "Application for Individuals to Pay the Filing Fee in Installments" must be filed:

NOTE:  The Court will either approve or deny the application with an order.  An order approving the application may alter payment amounts and/or due dates.  Please adhere to the terms established in the order, NOT the application.

  •  Voluntary Petition

On page 1 of the Voluntary Petition, within the "Filing Fee (Check one box)" area, "Filing Fee to be paid in installments (applicable to individuals only )" MUST be checked

  • CM/ECF—Fee Status

                The "Fee Status" must be changed from "Paid" to "Installments"


  • CM/ECF—Fee

                A payment  of $100.00 or more must be paid at the time of filing OR within 14 days.  The payment amount should be adjusted to reflect the amount to be paid at the time of filing.  Insert 0.00 if the initial payment will not be made at the time of filing but within 14 days.