Packet for Unrepresented Debtors
(PDF 41 Pages) (updated 6/7/11)

Packet includes:

  • What to Expect in Chapters 7 & 13
  • Motion Practice
  • Definitions
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Instructions for prose forms (below)

Chapter 7 Checklist (Individual)
(updated 06/01/2014)

Unrepresented Debtor Pleading Examples

(to be used by debtors without representation only)

in PDF Writable Format

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Debtor's Motion to Abate Ch 13 Payments
Motion to Convert to Chapter 13 Case
Motion to Reopen Case
Objection to Claim
Objection to Trustee's Motion to Dismiss
Notice of Hearing
Generic Motion
Notice of Conversion
Motion to Extend Time
Reaffirmation Agreement (B240) and Cover Sheet
(updated 12/3/2009)
Motion for Court Approval of Reaffirmation
(updated 12/9/2009)
Notice of Hearing for Court Approval of Reaffirmation
(updated 12/9/2009)
Federal Resources
Additional Information provided by the Administrative Office of the US Courts