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What is Case Management /Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF)?

CM/ECF is a two-part solution to the judiciary's case management and filing needs. It has been motivated by the necessity of replacing an aging family of case management application (BANCAP). At the same time that the judiciary is replacing outdated case management systems, today's technology has advanced to the point that information can be efficiently and securely exchanged electronically. Accordingly, the system includes the capability for electronic files, including the ability to accept court filings over the Internet.

What does CM/ECF do?

CM/ECF allows all documents associated with a court case to be managed electronically. It supports the unique interests of different communities -- courts, attorneys and the public -- while providing a next generation case management system. CM was the replacement for the court’s BANCAP database which incorporates electronic filings (ECF) by external users into the system.

CM/ECF History

Court Personnel began using the new case management system (CM) on  October 29, 2001.  CM/ECF was created by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts for use by all bankruptcy courts in the nation.

What do I need to use CM/ECF

CM/ECF requires a computer and an Internet connection. A printer and a scanner will be extremely handy, but not required.
All documents submitted to the court through CM/ECF will be in the PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read a PDF document. This application is free. You will need to purchase a copy of Adobe Acrobat to create a PDF document.
You will need a web(Internet) browser. The court currently supports:

  • Internet Explorer 7.0
  • Firefox 2.0

You will need to attend a CM/ECF course, either conducted by our court or by another federal court unit (U.S. District Court or a U.S. Bankruptcy Court unit from outside the state). Be advised, CM/ECF is used throughout the country for both U.S. District Courts and U.S. Bankruptcy Courts. You must obtain a separate log-in and password for each court that you are an electronic filer. You will need to sign the Electronic Case Filing Protocols and Registration Forms , complete the Registration Form Checklist and fax your forms to the court (801-526-1215). There is a practical exercise that will need to be submitted to the training department. This will show that you understand the basics of CM/ECF and that you can connect to the court.

Questions or to register for CM/ECF training,
call the Training Department at 801-524-6575.


CM/ECF Resources

Limited User Filers
Who are Limited User Filers? If you work only with claims, or you are an auditor or a transcriptionist, then you are a limited user filer. And now you have the opportunity to file your documents and claims through CM/ECF.

To obtain an ECF user account, fill out the Administrative Procedures for Electronic Case Filing and Consent Form and then fax or mail the completed form to the court. You will then receive a username and password in a few business days. Limited filers who wish to become a Utah ECF filer, should indicate on their consent form if they received ECF training and their current ECF registration status in other Federal Courts. ECF Limited User's Guide . Have you already been trained or are currently filing in other ECF courts? Complete our Registration Form Checklist and submit it with your consent form.

CM/ECF Change Request Form
If you have a suggestion to help make CM/ECF better, feel free to fill out this form and submit it to the court.

Internet Browser Pop-up Information
Pop-up blockers can cause problems with CM/ECF, especially when you need to pay your filing fees online. Found out how to prevent browser-based pop-up blockers from interfering with your CM/ECF session.

CM/ECF Event lists
The CM/ECF Event Lists have been integrated within the Reports section of CM/ECF. They are now found at:

Reports > Docket Event List

CM/ECF Frequently Asked Questions

CM/ECF Newsletters
The court produces a newsletter which is sent to registered CM/ECF users. The newsletter is published on a quarterly basis. Current and back issues are available.

CM/ECF Administrative Order
Implementation of Electronic Filing Procedures.

CM/ECF Request for Training/Readiness Survey
Complete this form to assess readiness for electronic case filing and request training from the court.

Administrative Procedures for Electronic Case Filing and Consent Form (Amended 2/8/08)
This document explains the guidelines and procedures for using the Court's electronic case filing system. The administrative procedures also include the CM/ECF consent forms required for becoming an ECF filer. Have you already been trained or are currently filing in other ECF courts? Complete our Registration Form Checklist and submit it with your consent form.

Comprehensive User Manual
This manual has been developed to cover a wide range of CM/ECF filing events that often additional explanation.

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