Voice Case Information System (VCIS) 

VCIS phone number: 1-866-222-8029 (Toll free)

Please report any NCIS problems to the Court by dialing 801-524-6687 or by email:  bankruptcy_clerk@utb.uscourts.gov.

What is VCIS?

The VCIS system is an automated, speech synthesized system tied directly to our main database. It will report basic case information for all cases filed since January 1, 1985. To use VCIS, you need a  touch-tone phone. Type the last name followed by the first name into your phone; ignore the middle name (e.g., to look up John R. Smith, key in: smith john, which is 76484 5646. For a business, type in as much of the name as possible). You do not need to type in the whole name. Use the "1" key to represent the letters Q and Z. Press "#" to end the entry.
Search options include the capability to search by name or case number and also by Social Security or tax ID number.

This system uses three voices: two are recorded human speech, the third is synthesized. The combination takes some getting used to. Recorded human speech is uses wherever static information exists (i.e., the initial message, search options, etc.) Synthesized speech is only used for reading variable information (debtor names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.).