Parties needing copies of bankruptcy records will need to follow the procedures set forth below 
List of Reports Types Available to the Public

1. In order to access case information (including case-related reports) online you will need a PACER account. PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) is an electronic public access service. There is no cost to register for and receive an account; billing is only based on usage. There is a $.10 per page fee to view or print documents, but any fees under $15.00 accrued in a 3 month period are not collected. To obtain an account, you can use the online form at or call the PACER Billing Center at 1-800-676-6856 (View PACER instruction sheet - pdf). If this is not possible, or if what you need is just one or two pleadings, the clerk's office can email or fax the document to the requestor at no charge at 801-524-6687;

2. If pleadings that are requested are not available electronically (usually because the pleadings sought were filed before 1997), the requestor will have to visit the clerk's office, or send a "not to exceed" check by mail accompanied by the case number(s) and which document(s) need to be copied (with a self-addressed stamped envelope to return copies);

3. Over the counter copy requests will require the requestor to pay a $.50 per page fee for any copy made from a file; a $.10 per page fee will be charged for any copy printed from an electronic image. If it is an extremely large order, the customer should consider alternatives to receiving printed copies; downloading images at the front counter via a ZIP or ORB diskette, CDR, CDRW, or USB devices are also possibilities, at no charge;

4. Mail Requests sent to the court will require the requestors to supply a fax or email address where the image of the pleading(s) could be sent, as long as the request is small. Also, the requestor may be directed to the website listed above in order to utilize PACER (see #1 above);

5. Emailed Requests will be handled in a similar fashion as the mailed requests (# 4 above), other than, if possible, the pleading(s) requested could be sent back as an attachment to a reply at no charge. The requestor will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software in order to view the images. Download Adobe Reader

Please note: Continual requests from corporate or legal entities will be handled in a different manner, based on type/frequency of request(s).

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