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CM/ECF Reports
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PACER Service Center

Calendar Events
Displays calendar events for specific case. Users can sort by date, time and type of hearing.

Cases Reports
Users can select case reports for cases filed within certain time frames, closed or open cases, or trustee specific cases. Users can also select the type of case (adversary or bankruptcy) or select to see discharged, dismissed or closed dates.

Claims Register
Displays the claims register for a case. Users can narrow the claims register search by selecting specific creditors or by claim numbers.

Creditor List
Displays list of creditors for the specific case.

Docket Report
Displays the docket report. Users can narrow the search by selecting the document number or date range. Report can be displayed by descending or ascending order based on user choice.

Mailing Matrix by Case
To produce a mailing matrix for the specific case. This option allows the user to produce a 3-column matrix for printing on mailing labels. Other options for producing special mailing lists are available.

Query is a menu option on CM/ECF. To access the query report, Click on the "Query" on CM/ECF's main menu. The Query report allows the user to search a case based on either Case number, Debtor name, Case name and type, Social Security Number/Tax ID Number. The following information is available for each case under a Query option:

Associated Cases
Case Summary
Docket Report
Notice of Bankruptcy Case Filing
Related Transactions

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