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ECF Training Manuals

The court has developed the following manual to assist you as an external CM/ECF user with a number of filing events within the CM/ECF system. Each section is printed in PDF format. Click on a section title below to view that section. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, go heremanuals to download it.

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Section 1 Overview of ECF

  • Coverpages
  • Using ECF
  • Navigating thru ECF

Section 2 Document Basics

  • Creating the pleading
  • Creating an Electronic Order
  • Converting a Document to PDF
  • Combining PDF Documents
  • Extracting PDF Documents
  • Attaching a PDF Documents
  • Additional Attachments
  • Referencing an Existing Document

Section 3 Party Records

  • Search for a Party
  • Creating a Party
  • Adding a Party

Section 4 Filing a New Case

  • Open a New Bankruptcy Case
  • Open an Involuntary Case
  • Open an Adversary Case
  • Statement of Social Security Number (B21)
  • Means Test

Alphabetical List of  CM/ECF  Events for Trustees

Category List of  CM/ECF  Events for Trustees

This manual is NOT the manual used during CM/ECF training. For a training manual, please contact the training department at 801.450.3443 for the appropriate manual. If you will be attending training at the Bankruptcy court, you should recive an email from us with the appropriate manual attached.

Section 5 Filing Documents on the ECF System

  • Motions
  • Multi-Part Motions
  • Amendments
  • Compensation
  • Conversions
  • Creditor Counseling/Finance Management Training
  • Electronically Paid Fees
  • Employ
  • Motion to Confirm by Consent
  • Notice of Appearance and Request for Notice
  • Notice of Endorsement
  • Notice of Hearing
  • Objections
  • Proof of Claims
  • Proposed/Pending Orders
  • Shorten Time v. Expedite Hearing
  • Tax Documents
  • Additional Tips on Bankruptcy Events

Section 6 Creditor Maintenance

  • Creating a Creditor Matrix
  • Uploading a Creditor Matrix
  • Editing a Creditor Matrix
  • Adding Creditors to an Existing Case
  • Domestic Support Matrix

Section 7 Reports/Queries

  • Case Reports
  • Docket Reports
  • Query

Section 8 ECF Utilities

  • Internet Payments Due
  • Internet Payment History
  • Maintain ECF User Account
  • Transaction Log
  • Recipient Mailing List
  • ECF Users Report

All CM/ECF manuals from the training department are designed to be used on a two-page format layout (one page on each side of a sheet of paper). When you download the manual sections, print the original, and then create copies on a two-page format on your copier for others within the office who will be attending training or using this manual. This is designed to save you paper when making copies.

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