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Case Management/Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) District of Utah

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3rd Update regarding the upcoming release of CM/ECF. Training details included (10/06/06)

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CM/ECF Consent Form and  Administrative Procedures for Electronic Case Files (PDF) (8/1/2002)

CM/ECF Administrative Order regarding Implementation of Electronic Filing Procedures (PDF) (8/1/2002)

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CM/ECF Administrative Order (Official Record of the Court)(10/18/2001)



 We are now training all members of the Bar.

Attorneys who wish to participate in training should complete the Request for Training/Readiness Survey as soon as possible. We appreciate your interest in the new system.    

Limited Use Filing (claim filer) registration is not currently being accepted. Please check back soon.

CM/ECF History
Court Personnel began using the new case management system (CM) on  October 29, 2001.  CM/ECF was created by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts for use by all bankruptcy courts in the nation.


What is Case Management /Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF)?

CM/ECF is a two-part solution to the judiciary's case management and filing needs. It has been motivated by the necessity of replacing an aging family of case management application (BANCAP). At the same time that the judiciary is replacing outdated case management systems, today's technology has advanced to the point that information can be efficiently and securely exchanged electronically. Accordingly, the system includes the capability for electronic files, including the ability to accept court filings over the Internet.

 What does CM/ECF do?

CM/ECF allows all documents associated with a court case to be managed electronically. It supports the unique interests of different communities -- courts, attorneys and the public -- while providing a next generation case management system. CM was the replacement for the courtís BANCAP database which incorporates electronic filings (ECF) by external users into the system.

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