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Recent Opinions 240 -Present (Descending order)
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340. Weber v. Wells Fargo Auto Finance, Inc. (In re Weber)
339. Schubert v. Baum (In re Schubert)
338. Kennedy v. Martinez (In re Kennedy)
337. Hansen v. Green Tree Servicing, LLC (In re Hansen)
336. Unified People’s Federal Credit Union v. Yates (In re Yates)
335. Unified People’s Federal Credit Union v. Yates (In re Yates)
334. O’Steen v. Buckner (In re Buckner)
333. McCoy v. Hardeman (In re Tahah)
332. Loper v. Loper (In re Loper)
331. Johnson v. Smith (In re Johnson)
330. Derringer v. Chapel (In re Derringer)
329. Rajala v. Majors (In re Majors)
328. Wilkins v. Hamilton (In re Wilkins)
327. Willis v. Strother (In re Strother)
326. Blue Ridge Bank and Trust Co. v. Cascio (In re Cascio)
325. Whiting v. Questar Gas Co. (In re Whiting)
324. Carlin v. United States of America (In re Carlin)
323. First State Operating Co. v. Holbrook (In re Lotspeich)
322. Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. v. Milk Palace Dairy, LLC (In re Milk Palace Dairy, LLC)
321. Cline v. Cline (In re Cline)
320. Azwar v. Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp. (In re Azwar)
319. First Nat’l Bank v. Cribbs (In re Cribbs)
318. InteliQuest Media Corp. v. Miller (In re InteliQuest Media Corp.)
317. Countrywide Home Loans v. Davis (In re Davis)
316. Bartmann v. Malloy (In re Bartmann)
315. Bartmann v. Malloy (In re Bartmann)
314. Myers v. Myers (In re Myers)
313. Whiting v. Gillman (In re Whiting)
312. AC Rentals, Inc. v. United States Trustee (In re AC Rentals, Inc.)
311. Musgrove v. Davis (In re Musgrove)
310. Pritner v. Cofco Credit Co., LLC (In re Pritner)
309. Tanner v. Barber (In re Barber)
Society of Lloyd’s v. Harmsen (In re Harmsen)
307. In re Schoenhals
306. In re Yates
305. Taylor v. Hazboun (In re Hazboun)
304. Southeastern Medical Labs., Inc. v. Andarakes (In re Andarakes)
303. Educational Credit Management Corp. v. Boyer (In re Boyer)
302. In re Seiwert
301. Educational Credit Management Corp. v. Nelson (In re Nelson)
300. In re Mersmann
299. In re Albrecht
298. McCain Foods USA, Inc. v. Shore (In re Shore)
297. In re Laufenberg
296. Gonzales v. Nabisco Div. of Kraft Foods, Inc. (In re Furr’s Supermarkets, Inc.)
295. In re Vessa
294. Saffa v. Wallace (In re Wallace)
293. Nelson v. Stillwater Nat’l Bank & Trust Co. (In re Ireland)
292. In re Keener
291. In re Busetta-Silvia
290. In re Campbell
289. In re Davis
288. In re Campbell
287. Saffa v. Wallace (In re Wallace)
286. In re Vaughan
285. First Nat’l Bank v. Davison (In re Davison)
. Lang v. Lang (In re Lang)
283. Redmond v. Diversified Tech., Inc. (In re PII, Inc.)
282. In re Crowder
281. In re Miller
280. A.C. Rentals, Inc. v. Hough (In re A.C. Rentals, Inc.)
279. In re Kopexa Realty Venture Co.
278. In re Kopexa Realty Venture Co.
277. In re Armstrong
276. Rupp v. Kunz (In re Kunz)
275. In re Miller Related order 275b
274. In re Bartmann
273. In re Armstrong
272. In re Gilchrist
271. Alderete v. Educational Credit Management Corp. (In re Alderete)
270. Clark v. Deere & Co. (In re Kinderknecht)
269. In re Novak Related orders 269b, 269c, 269d
268. In re Hodes
267. Lang v. Lang (In re Lang)
266. In re Lundahl
265. Cadwell v. Joelson (In re Joelson)
264. Zubrod v. Keffer (In re Keffer)
263. Lang v. Lang (In re Lang)
262. United Phosphorus, Ltd. v. Fox (In re Fox)
261. Lundahl v. Lewis et al. (In re Lundahl) Related orders 261b, 261c
260. Gonzales v. United States (In re Silver)
259. In re Armstrong
258. Ingram v. Womack (In re Womack)
257. In re Armstrong
256. In re Armstrong
255. In re Barnes
254. In re Armstrong
253. Gonzales v. United States (In re Silver)
252. Hardeman v. Sadeghy (In re Sadeghy)
251. In re Armstrong
250. In re Carlson
249. In re Miller
248. Chavez v. Skehen (In re Chavez)
247. In re Investment Co. of the Southwest, Inc.
246. Fanning v. Russell (In re Russell)
245. In re Haddox
244. Garrett v. TEC Resources, LLC (In re TEC Resources, LLC)
243. In re Wyoming Alaska Co.
242. In re Snyder
241. Cousatte v. Lucas (In re Lucas)
240. Fry v. Simmons (In re Fry)

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