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The restoration of docket entries and images is now complete from the database failure of 11/22/05. In reviewing cases, should ECF users see an omission on the docket sheet (during this time period), please contact the clerk's office asap.  (Glenn Gregorcy 801-524-6561, Brenda Dowler 524-6635 or Michelle Bugni 450-3443. (12/5/2005)
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CHAPTER 12 of the Bankruptcy Code will be permanently enacted on July 1, 2005
The President signed into law S. 256 on April 20, 2005.  This law permanently reenacts Chapter 12 of the Bankruptcy Code effective July, 1, 2005.  Chapter 12 currently exists as a temporary chapter of the Code until June 30, 2005. 

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Wireless Internet Now Available

Wireless Internet connectivity is available at the Bankruptcy Court.  Parties wishing to use the wireless network must register. The registration form, disclaimer and acceptable use policy must be executed and filed with the Court and approved prior to use.  
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Notice regarding the change to Chapter 13 calendaring becomes effective 7/3/05. (5/3/05)

Beginning with Chapter 13 cases filed after 12:01a.m.on Sunday, July 3, 2005, confirmation hearings will be scheduled on the respective judges’ calendars approximately 45 days after the 11 U.S.C. § 341 meeting.

This change in calendaring will necessitate double confirmation calendars until those cases scheduled under the current procedure are resolved. The judges have decided to implement this calendaring change well in advance of October 17, 2005 to ease the transition to the new statute.

Further information regarding this change will be posted as necessary.

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Electronic Evidence Training

Attorneys wishing to receive training on electronic evidence for Judge Boulden's courtroom should contact the clerk's office training department by email or phone at 801-524-6592 (Jared Johnson) or 801-524-6639 (Michelle Bugni).